Grenfell Tower residents blog and the KCTMO – you should read this

Grenfell Tower in west London after a fire engulfed the 24-storey
Grenfell Tower in west London after a fire engulfed the 24-storey building yesterday morning. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday June 15, 2017. Twelve people have died and more are feared dead after a huge fire destroyed the tower block in north Kensington. See PA story FIRE Grenfell. Photo credit should read: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire
“We are still wrapping postwar high-rise buildings in highly flammable materials and leaving them without sprinkler systems installed, then being surprised when they burn down,” says architect and fire expert Sam Webb.

There is a blog you should read here
Grenfell Tower residents – Culture of negligence at management company KCTMO

There is also a link to a newspaper article days before the fire, warning of fire risks on towers and culpable lack of action from Government

News on Grenfall Tower London fire

Insurers - Times newspaper 17-6-2017
Insurers – Times newspaper 17-6-2017 (click to rotate and view)
Grenfell Tower fire
Grenfell Tower fire

The BBC has excellent coverage:

Live updates are here on the BBC >

The Times has provided detailed newspaper coverage, but they need a subscription for their main articles. However this free article is about the cladding.

Cladding is the focus on prosecution for Grenfell Tower fire >

Evening Standard had this:

Cladding used on many towers across London >

I’ll do a summary of some newspaper articles when I get the time.




Cladding in London tower blocks

Tower Block Holland Park W11 London front
Tower Block Holland Park W11 London front

Hi all

This is a new service from Building DiY website.

Cladding on Tower Blocks

I am asking the various Councils around London for information on the cladding used in the many tower blocks.

As a property manager, I look after a couple of flats in these old tower blocks so have a strong interest. I am an ex-new build director so will present this as technical information.

LBHF (Hammersmith & Fulham Council), an area I work in occasionally, have got back already, by asking me questions about my query, which I suppose is a start!

Many blocks in Hammersmith & Fulham borough have been reclad recently.

Update Mon 19/6/2017

LBHF (Hammersmith & Fulham Council) have moved my simple query to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, which takes longer to process.

Now they say it will take 20 days to answer this question.

More to follow…

New Builds

I am also adding new building site information, but this is a vast job. Where I live there are several new builds going on.

Often locals have no idea what is happening. Usually additions are made to the first approved planning application, such as adding extra floors, adding units, removing eco features etc. What you get is not what you expected! Sad but true.


Geoff Davis 16/6/2017

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